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Naturally slim, shape and tone

Non-surgical solution for targeted body fat reduction

You’ve done everything to lose those unsightly fat bulges but that stubborn fat just won’t budge. Now it can, the SculptLight plan is the non surgical solution for your stubborn fat.

SculptLight is the latest body sculpting plan available. Using the power of light combined with exercise, SculptLight is the natural and healthy way to inch loss on the waist, hips, thighs, and even the arms.

The 20 minute SculptLight session is non-invasive, relaxing, and over sustained and regular use with exercise, you can expect to lose in the region of 3-4 inches from around the targeted areas.

Its many benefits include health, beauty, fitness and well-being.

SculptLight Pro is equipped with up to 24 ergonomically designed paddles, enabling maximum results from each session.

The ultra bright LED paddles are held in place against the area to be targeted by an adjustable straps. During the session, the pads are held directly against the skin for maximum effect. Sessions last for a period of up to 20 minutes and the recommended number of sessions in any course is two per week, thus completing a full inch loss program over a 4-week period.

The SculptLight Pro photo-chemically releases fat from the Cells to achieve inch loss, however the process is dependent on the body metabolizing the released fat in order for the inch loss to occur.

After each session, exercise is essential to create the demand for energy, completing the inch loss process.

Post treatment exercise

You will undertake whole body vibration training post treatment to set you on your way to using the released energy (fat) and achieving your inch loss goals. Through stimulating the lymphatic system to accelerate the inch loss process with whole body vibration training you can complete a full-body workout in as little as 10 minutes.

Our SculptVibe vibration plate is used as part of the session to complete your inch loss process.

Sculpt the areas you want… 3 Benefits to LED Fat-Burning Technology

This is a sponsored post about LED Fat-Burning Technology at Forever Wellness in Boca Raton, FL. All opinions expressed here are 100% my own. 

I went most of my life never having to be concerned with my weight. A naturally skinny kid, I was always on the go and keeping up with my brother and his friends. A tomboy at heart, by the age of twelve I had killer calves and a six-pack that my thirty-year-old self would give my left kidney for. Throughout high school, I was fortunate enough to eat everything I wanted and nothing would stick (are you ready to murder me yet?). I ate anything and everything in sight (please don’t leave me just yet, I promise this is going somewhere), and never gained a pound.

While this all sounds heavenly and most of you would like to scratch my eyes out right about now, it really set me up for failure. I wasn’t super active, didn’t play sports competitively, and had zero workout structure in my life. Fast forward twenty years and two kids later, and you’ve got a very out of shape mom of two with no clue how to stay in shape. I’d never had to worry about these issues or watch what I was eating, I was clueless!

LED Fat Burning Technology

When Forever Wellness, located in Boca Raton, reached out and asked if I wanted to participate in 12 LED Fat Burning sessions (their bronze package), I was intrigued…

Benefit #1: Full Body Analysis

LED Fat Burning Technology

This is what 5lbs of fat looks like in your body!

When signing up for one of these packages at Forever Wellness, you receive a full-body consultation. Their hi-tech monitoring systems take you into the back room (I call it the Truth Room), where your measurements are taken in order to track your progress, as well as give you a great before/after photo for the books! They also take into account all levels, not just your BMI. Taking into account your hydration content, visceral fat, etc… This helps to give you an idea of your inner health and assist you in having a realistic outlook on your goals.

Benefit #2: Nutritional Counseling

LED Fat Burning

Forever Wellness understands that half of the fat-burning challenge takes place at home. By offering nutritional counseling, you’re given the specific day-to-day tools to make the choices that will carry you through to your goal. Sarah Weiss, a Certified Nutritionist, sat with me for an hour to discuss what a day/ week/ month in my life was like. She assessed my goals, my health concerns, and what it would take to get there without selling my soul and developed an ideal meal plan for the week (including fantastic recipes). I even got to spoil myself with an occasional burrito bowl every week! These tools will take me far beyond my twelve sessions at Forever Wellness, and shaped the way I look at food and nutrition.

Benefit #3: Supplemental Support

LED Fat Burning Technology

The different packages at Forever Wellness include natural moringa supplements to help guide you on your fat-burning journey. The delicious moringa powder is perfect to keep your hydration up with your daily water intake, and the afternoon moringa capsules provide a boost of energy to carry you through the rest of your day. A moringa tea to take each evening after your fat-burning treatments help to curb any late-night sweet cravings (my weakness).

typical day at Forever Wellness will include these benefits along with a 20-minute painless session with the warming fat-burning paddles. Followed by a few minutes on the vibration plates (also known as the party plates) where you can check your email, shop the internet for sme fun new outfits for your fun new figure. 🙂

LED Fat Burning Technology

Here is Lucee from MomJunky shaking things up on the vibration plates.

Time at the spa-like atmosphere in Forever Wellness melts away along with the fat. It’s a welcomed break in my week where I check-in with the lovely staff that really care for all of their participants.

LED Fat Burning Technology

LED Fat Burning Technology

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