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The Best Exercise Motivation Tips

We all know there is no magical weight loss silver bullet out there. It takes commitment, focus and for some a lifestyle change.


Some people are born with that gene that literally makes them pop out of bed filled with excitement to go for a run or head to a yoga class. But there are many of us who need that little extra push to muster up the motivation to engage in physical activity. For many, there is almost an immediate reaction when you touch on the idea of exercise, and the excuses start to pile up.

It’s too hot outside

I can’t afford a gym membership right now.”

I have wayyyyyy too much laundry to do.”


And our own personal favorite, “I just want to curl up on the couch with a glass of wine and binge watch The Real Housewives.”


We’re going to be super cliché and tell you, where there’s a will there’s a way. You just need some extra motivation to get you in that mindset. So, we’ve pulled together three tips to help you ignore those excuses and negative talk and instead get moving to get healthier.


  • Size doesn’t matter.

It’s true! The size of your workout  is not as important as you think. You don’t have to run a marathon or take a 3-hour hot yoga class or even book that hour spin sesh. Even small doses of exercise make a dent. Go for a brisk walk or do a 15-minute workout online. Grab the ab roller or anything else you ordered from QVC while eating ice cream on your couch. Heck! Do squats while holding your laundry basket and lunges as you put it all away. Movement of any type will get that adrenaline going and is worth your time, even if you only have 20 minutes to spare.




  • Be accountable.

Whether it’s putting your plans in your weekly calendar or grabbing a workout partner, just show up. Commit to something – one workout a week, a class where you meet a friend and have coffee after – is enough! Just put a system in place that holds you accountable for the exercise you are promising to do and stick to it.


  • Do NOT compare yourself to others.

It’s easy to get caught up in the social media frenzy of perfect bodies clogging your feed. Don’t do that thing where you compare yourself to any of them. They are not you, and they certainly do not live your life. You don’t even know how many filters they used or what they have going on behind the scenes. Focus on YOU and be kind to your body and psyche. You can do this on your terms and get results that are realistic for you and your goals.


Start with just those three little gems of motivation to get into gear and make exercise part of your daily life – in whatever way it works for YOU. Just do it!


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Reshape Your Body and Burn Fat in Boca

For so long, the only way to reshape your body and truly burn fat was through invasive surgical procedures. And for all we know, those come with their fair share of baggage – hefty price tags, anesthesia, recovery times, post-op care, pain medications and the list goes on and on and on.

Like a broken record.

Here’s the thing about technology though. It’s amazing. Advancements in the health and wellness industry are popping up all the time and now you have choices when it comes to making some tweaks to your body when seeking options for weight loss in Boca.

So, if you are into that scalpel? Do your thing.

But, if you want a painless option that requires no surgery, no downtime and no hassle, it’s all about the SculptLight and we just happen to have it right here at Forever Wellness, a Boca weight loss center located just east of 95. Just spend 20 minutes in one of our super comfy chairs and let the lights do the work. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will target specific areas with the ergonomic SculptLight paddles. And what do you have to do?

Just kick back and chill while we help reshape your body.


Want to focus on that tummy?
Maybe your thighs?
How about your arms?

More of an all of the above kind of person? No problem!

The LED lights in the SculptLight technology actually change the permeability of the cells and that allows the fat to make its way into the lymphatic system. This process causes the cells to shrink and enter the bloodstream and even be used by the body as fuel for exercise. That’s important because exercise, in some form, is still crucial to any weight loss plan. Even surgery doesn’t last forever, and you still have to keep your body moving and incorporate healthy habits into your life for maintenance and to continually burn fat.

Whatever areas you want to conquer on your weight loss journey, the SculptLight is your answer to burn fat. The technology behind it literally turns the LED lights into a magical reshaper, burning fat and changing the look of your body. It’s kind of like wearing SPANX but you can still breathe.

We know that fat can be stubborn. Sometimes all the fitness and healthy eating just doesn’t make a dent and you want to call in the reinforcements. But now those reinforcements don’t have to come with a visit to a surgical center, an ill-fitting hospital gown and bouts of nausea from the anesthesia.

There’s no shame in seeking a little help in your weight loss efforts. And why go the surgery route when the SculptLight provides an easy, non-invasive alternative?

Instead, come to Forever Wellness and experience the wonder of the SculptLight. We will tailor a plan specifically for you and your body. You’re unique and the journey to reshape your body should follow suit. From targeted treatments to nutrition and exercise plans and recommendations, you will get the total package here.

Our goal is to help you meet yours – realistically and in a healthy way. Pair the SculptLight with the tools and resources Forever Wellness provides and you’re looking at a power couple – like your very own Beyoncé and Jay-Z of non-invasive weight loss.

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The Best Feel-Good Summer Weight Loss Tips

People spend MONTHS getting ready so they can feel good summer – from procuring giant unicorn pool floats to putting in extra time at the gym for weight loss. We all have our priorities.


Summer is a time for splashing in the water, busting out that grill and taking a break from carting kids (and their backpacks that feel like they are packed with boulders) back and forth from school. It’s a time for a little more relaxation and refueling for the fall.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the planning, that when summer is in full swing, we literally stop taking care of our bodies the way we do during the rest of the year.


Listen, Forever Wellness is all about that Lax Life. But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few things you can do to keep your body healthy and thriving in these summer months. You don’t have to do all the things! We’ve narrowed it down to three. Just three surefire tips to help you live your best life this summer.


  • Be a hydration sensation


Seriously. Those sweltering summer temps are no joke. As quickly as you are putting fluids into your body, they are saying “peace out!” as you drip in sweat walking from your car to the grocery store. Everyone thinks they drink enough water  but guess what…most of us don’t. Stay on top of your hydration situation. Pick your poison – water, coconut water, electrolyte-infused drinks. Just make sure you drink enough throughout the day. Hydration does a body good and makes everything work like a well-oiled machine. Start in the morning and always keep something with you so you can stay consistent throughout the day.


  • Eat your fruits and veggies


Particularly the water-based variety (if you’re sensing a trend here, you are not wrong). Load up on goodies like watermelon, cucumbers, strawberries, spinach, peppers and so many others. We want you to literally eat the rainbow. You’re packing your body with essential nutrients and more of the water it needs to stay healthy and hydrated, especially when the heat is relentless.


  • Go meatless


Relax, just try it on Mondays. If meat is a part of your weekly menu, it’s good to give your body a break. Shake things up a bit. Start the summer tradition of meatless Mondays (because alliteration makes everything more fun). Whip up some veggie burgers on the grill or a cool refreshing summer salad to beat the heat. Believe it or not, even one day of cutting meat out of your diet will make a difference you will feel.


Don’t overwhelm yourself with big changes that seem impossible. Start small and use these three tips to kickstart good habits. Little by little these tricks will become effortless components of a healthier lifestyle and have you well on your way to living your best life, not just during summer bu

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SculptLight for Weight Loss in Boca

If we had a nickel for every time someone asked if LED lights can REALLY help trigger weight loss, we’d have ALL the nickels.


The short answer is yes! Yes, they can.


For so long, the only options to aid in weight loss were medications with many negative side effects, invasive surgeries with long recovery times and other options with hefty price tags. But not anymore!


Forever Wellness, the premier weight loss center in Boca Raton, has upped the ante with its use of the SculptLight to aid in weight loss efforts. Using advanced technology, Forever Wellness works with each client to form a clear path for each individual weight loss journey. It’s not a cookie cutter solution because every single person has different goals and problem areas they are trying to target. So, it’s kind of like having your own fat burning concierge to make sure your program is built to suit you to a T.


Here’s a brief break down on how it works:


  • The SculptLight uses LED energy to stimulate the body to burn fat naturally.
  • Fat cells are altered in a manner that allows the fat contents to seep out from the cell into the interstitial space from where it can be processed by the lymphatic system.
  • Fat cells shrink, and the triglycerides are broken down into free fatty acids and glycerol which enter the blood stream.
  • The fatty acids and glycerol are transported around the body to the tissues that will metabolize them to create energy.



Here’s what you will actually feel:


Warmth. A whole lot of it.


For a total of 20 minutes, you will get that warm and fuzzy feeling wherever the ergonomic ScluptLight paddles are placed. It’s completely non-invasive and pain free. It’s basically the opposite of surgery. You won’t leave with stiches or complicated aftercare instructions. Instead you will leave relaxed and refreshed.


It doesn’t stop there. Because Forever Wellness is dedicated to the success of every single client that walks in our doors, we arm you with the tools to maximize those fat burning sessions. From vibration therapy to onsite nutrition and exercise pow wows and optional supplements that can increase results, we offer a cohesive program that is completely personalized for you. You’ll even have your own cheering section in our staff as they root for you every step of the way and stay invested in your success.


Weight loss treatments don’t have to be painful and take a toll on your body, and the SculptLight is testament to that. You have options now, outside of surgery. A safe option that enables you to kick back and relax while the SculptLight does the work. Technology is awesome and when you pair it with all of the extras we provide in your weight loss arsenal, you are going to kill it!


So, go ahead and ditch the scalpel for the SculptLight and get ready for a safe, effective and natural weight loss treatment that will rock your world.



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What is Body Sculpting and How Does It Melt Away Fat?

Many people have that visceral reaction the moment anyone mentions a weight loss procedure. They assume it’s riddled with pain and long recovery times. And this, my friends, is why assumptions are dangerous.


South Floridians, rejoice!

At Forever Wellness, a premier weight loss center in Boca Raton, we have the no pain, weight loss treatment down to a science using the magic of LED lights. Did we mention there is also no downtime and no surgical procedure associated with this? That’s right – nothing but the power of lights targeting specific areas on your body to burn away the fat all while you relax.


Picture this…


You’re lying in a quiet room, feeling relaxed and zen. Maybe you’re scrolling through Facebook on your phone. Maybe you’re reading a magazine wondering how you can look your best in next season’s fashions. As you lie comfortably in a clean, beautifully decorated and modern space, sculpt lights are strategically placed on different areas of your body for 20 minutes. And then, you remain comfortably in a relaxed position.


That’s right, you actually burn fat while you relax!


If you’re into the science-y stuff, here’s what actually happens. The light emitted from SculptLight causes the fat cell membranes to temporarily alter the permeability of the cell. This brief change allows the fat contents to seep out from the cell into the interstitial space from where it can be processed by the lymphatic system. Exercise will then create the demand for energy which can now be met by the released fatty acids, completing the inch loss process.


All you will feel is the warmth from those lights as they begin to melt the fat away. You will not lift a finger or break a sweat.


While there is no silver bullet for weight loss, there are certainly things you can add to your toolkit to reach your goals and SculptLight should be at the very top. Couple it with a healthy balance of exercise and eating right and you will lose inches – 3 to 4 from targeted areas, to be precise. Bottom line – It’s natural, pain-free and effective.


So what can you expect from your first visit to the best weight loss option for those looking to lose stubborn inches and burn unwanted fat?


You will be guided through a series of questions about your lifestyle and diet before talking with a Forever Wellness professional about your personal body goals. Our mission is to ensure that you feel your best after each visit, and that your weight loss journey is geared specifically for your body.


You don’t have to be scared of weight loss treatments anymore! We’re changing the game at Forever Wellness and you’ll totally want to play.


Your first visit is on us! Stop by our Boca location today to meet with one of our Forever Wellness weight-loss gurus and learn how to begin your journey to a better, tighter body.


You deserve to feel forever well.



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