Seven to ten.


That’s how many pounds the average person gains during the holidays. It’s not hard to do considering that the holidays are synonymous with egregious amounts of food. You know what we are talking about – cookies, pies, potatoes and everything else that results in that dreaded holiday bulk. The worst part is that while it’s easy to pack on, it’s much more difficult to take off. Exercise helps and so does getting your diet back in check. But sometimes, it just isn’t enough. And we are all human. No matter how hard you work all year, it’s hard to turn down nana’s famous apple pie, chock-full of 32 sticks of butter (that’s her “secret” ingredient).


Have no fear! Forever Wellness, Boca weight loss center, is here to help get rid of that holiday weight effectively and painlessly. You’ll be in and out in less time it took you to attack that Thanksgiving turkey and stuffing. So, ditch the stretchy pants and head on over so we can get you set up with a customized weight loss help in Boca, using our powerful and innovative SculptLight.


Our programs don’t replace your normal exercise and diet routines. Instead they serve as the best little helper possible to melt away stubborn fat. Our staff gets to know you, your goals and those problem areas you are trying to get back into shape. That’s when the real magic happens. You won’t even know you are burning fat as you are treated to a relaxing, non-invasive weight loss session in one of our quiet treatment rooms. No noise, no disturbances and especially no pie from Nana. Just you, your thoughts and the SculptLight helping you shed that fat and say buh-bye that holiday bod. And maybe your phone to scroll through your Instagram account and re-live the holidays all over again, but without the weight gain.


Nestled right in the heart of Boca Raton, Forever Wellness offers a true soup-to-nuts weight loss program. Our highly trained staff even includes an in-house nutritionist to help carefully craft a meal plan that fits into your life and is packed with healthy and clean foods you actually enjoy. Our staff is there to cheer you on along your weight loss journey and ensure that we are doing everything we can to help you achieve your weight loss goals. No surgery, no pain and no downtime. How perfect does that sound?


So, do your best. Try not to go crazy during the holidays. But also understand that we totally understand how irresistible the dessert table can be and we are here to help you get back on track when the dust (or powdered sugar) clears. We’ll sit down with you to come up with a weight loss plan that takes all of your holiday glutton into account and set up realistic and reachable goals. Forever Wellness is not only the premier weight loss treatment in Boca Raton, but also the perfect fix to address the fallout from those 32 sticks of butter. Pop in today and you’ll be buttoning those pants with ease before you know it!