We all have our talents. Some people are super creative and can make a child’s birthday party look like you have been transported to your own private corner of Disney World. Others have a green thumb and the ability to grow a luscious thriving garden. And there are people who just have a knack for creating culinary masterpieces in their own kitchen that seem Michelin star-worthy. And speaking of culinary masterpieces, there’s a whole community of professional nutritionists making food their business. They spend years studying and researching in the field of nutrition inside and out, so they can make a career out of guiding people to make the best choices regarding their diet. They learn the effects of different foods on the body and the science to back it up, serving as a powerful knowledge base of all things nutrition and diet.

At Forever Wellness, these people are our people.


Because we know there are so many people constantly looking for effective weight loss programs and we feel strongly that a nutritionist or registered dietician is a crucial part of a well-rounded weight loss program. It’s exactly why we have our very own nutritionist on staff.

Our weight loss program is centered around our innovative SculptLight, but because we want to offer something more comprehensive, we set you up with one-on-one discussions with our in-house food guru. She works closely with each and every client to develop a plan that fits individual lifestyles and tastes. She listens to what you like and don’t like, how much time you have to meal prep or lack thereof and what your weight loss goals include.

All of that intel is taken into consideration as she creates a personalized plan to complement the hard work you are doing on your end and the magic of the SculptLight.

It’s beyond recipes and cookie-cutter weekly meal schedules. Instead, our nutritionist will listen to all of your feedback and build something just for you. Our plans include a variety of healthy and clean meal suggestions that will help you detox your body and fill it with good choices that contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

And yes, you’ll even have some wiggle room to cheat because, c’mon, we’re all human and enjoy a cookie every once in a while!

You focus on getting in some good exercise and we’ll handle the rest! Not only do you get the benefit of our non-surgical, painless SculptLight treatment to target specific areas on your body, you get access to our fantastic nutritionist to guide you through your program. She’ll be that little angel on your shoulder gently reminding you how to make healthy choices.

We’re invested in your success and helping you reach those weight loss goals and have backed up that passion with a carefully curated team to offer support, guidance and most importantly, results!