So many people are on a quest to lose weight, reshape their bodies and live a healthier lifestyle. There are so many options to bring into the fold of your weight loss journey. From eating to exercise, there are plans, programs and regimens to fit almost every individual goal.

And then, some people lean toward surgery. They research doctors and facilities who specialize and have solid track records in weight loss or body reshaping related surgical procedures. They see before and after pictures that provide that wow factor they are hunting for and become completely willing to go under the knife to achieve the same results. We get it. It’s the closest thing to a silver bullet when it comes to weight loss. They walk into a surgery center or hospital, receive anesthesia, and wake up in a different condition than when they arrived. However, there’s nothing “easy” about surgery.

Often there are recovery times.

Many times there are pain medications involved.

Sometimes there are scars.

Most of the time they come with a significant price tag.


At Forever Wellness we say, skip the surgery.


Instead, why not try a completely non-invasive, pain-free and most importantly, effective solution to reshape your body. You know exactly the areas we are talking about. They are the ones you stare at in the mirror as you suck things in to try and see what you would look like with a little less of a bulge here, or thinner areas there. We ALL have those moments. But surgery does not have to be the answer.


Right here in Boca Raton, we have one of the most innovative weight-loss treatments to hit the market and it’s called the SculptLight. With powerful LED lights, we target specific areas of your body and literally melt the fat away while you sit comfortably relaxing not feeling an iota of pain. It’s a 20-minute procedure and you can head right out to meet your friends for coffee because there is ZERO downtime. You can also extend your visit with us and hop on our vibration plates for a handful of minutes to emphasize your fat burning session. What exactly is the SculptLight? It’s a clinically-proven technology developed to stimulate the body’s natural process of fat-burning using LED energy. It allows us to target particular areas of the body where excess fat has built up.


And guess what? It works! Our clients typically lose three to nine inches over a 45-day period. Measurements don’t lie, you guys.


We work closely with each and every client because everyone has different areas of their body they’d like to reshape. Once you point us on the direction of that stubborn fat, we will send in the SculptLight and get things going. It’s almost like getting some work done without the actual work. The lights do all of the heavy lifting.


So, cancel that surgery consult because Forever Wellness has your back…and your thighs, stomach, arms and any other areas you’d like to work on reshaping.