Drew Barrymore Shares How She Found Her Body Confidence After Two Babies

“Before kids, I didn’t have a strong core, but after kids, my entire core was like a fish tank. I wasn’t ever working out from the right place,” Barrymore explained. “So I did pelvic floor training and pilates, a very physical therapy approach. And then I started doing Emsculpt and then the two together, have completely changed my foundation.”

Emsculpt is a toning program that uses electromagnetic energy to trigger muscle movements that your body can’t do on its own. And Barrymore cited some of her body confidence to the program, explaining that her entire body changed after giving birth. “It’s like having two kids made my body sort of the most incapable, which then forced me to change, educate myself, change my workouts, find my core and now things are better than they ever have been even before kids.”

To read more about Drew’s EmSculpt journey, please visit: https://www.parents.com/pregnancy/my-body/postpartum/drew-barrymore-body-after-baby/