Get It Right, Get Tight

Everybody wants tight abs, right? Look around the gym and you’ll see people doing crunch after crunch trying to tone their core. Talk to your friends about their fitness goals and you’re likely to hear someone say, “I want a six pack.” But, did you know that there is so much more to your abs than just looking good? Your core, which is comprised of many muscles besides just your abs, is the foundation for almost everything you do. 

Get it right, get tight. 

Before we discuss the importance of a strong core, let’s talk about how you even get one. Physical exercises will help you build a strong and tight core. Many core exercises can be performed in the comfort of your own home. Try starting with simple crunches and increase intensity from there. Be sure you are using the proper form when doing core exercises or you’ll defeat the purpose.

Your core is your entire support system.

From the time you get out of bed in the morning, your core muscles are helping you do basic, everyday things like reach for the shirt in your closet or bend over to tie your shoe. Mundane tasks like turning around, sitting down, or simply standing also require the strength of your core! A lot of the movements we make every day come back to our core. Therefore, a strong or weak core can have an affect on how well other parts of your body are functioning.

Injury prevention. 

A strong core can help reduce your risk of injury while you’re participating in activities, especially while exercising; ie golf, tennis, biking, boot camps, and lifting weights.  A stable core helps you to run stronger and faster, improves your golf swing, stabilize your body during workouts, and will help decrease the likelihood of lower back pain/injury. Have you ever strained your back doing household activities like cleaning, grocery shopping, gardening? A strong core will help prevent injuries and improve your balance and stability.  

Helps with posture.  

In addition to your abdominal muscles, your core includes muscles in your back and hips that work together to keep everything tight and strong. When your core muscles are weak, your spine doesn’t have sufficient support to main good posture. Bad posture can lead to issues like lower back pain or injury (especially during workouts or any physical activity), neck and shoulder pain, joint problems and even headaches! Along with a store core and improved posture comes strength and self-esteem. This allows you to have increased stamina and project yourself with confidence. 

Since your core muscles are the base support of your entire body, having a strong core is important to every day functions. From workouts to household work and everything in-between, having a strong core will help your body stay safe and function properly.