Our Story

Forever Wellness launched in 2017 with a mission to improve health and well-being in the Boca Raton community. After founder Elliot Bellen had a body composition analysis and learned his metabolic age was 76, he was inspired to make a change to his life. Not just for him, but also his children that he wanted to be around for and watch them grow. So, he began a weight loss program that included EMSCULPT, and the results spoke for themselves. He lost over 50 pounds, trimmed nearly 10 inches around his waist, and that shocking metabolic age of 76 – dropped down to 47, which is less than his actual age of 61.


The EMSCULPT is the world’s first non-invasive procedure to help both women and men build muscle tone, sculpt their body, blast fat, and lift/tone the buttocks. During each 30-minute session, EMSCULPT uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy to trigger 20,000 muscle contractions, similar to the ones used while doing a sit up. After only four sessions, EMSCULPT patients can expect to see a 19% reduction in fat and 16% increase in muscle mass, making it the only FDA-approved treatment that addresses both fat AND muscle. EMSCULPT has no heat, no pain, and no recovery time, making it a seamless addition to anyone’s day.

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Elliot Bellen


Larissa Pozner

Spa Director

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Medical Director

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