EMSCULPT is the world’s only procedure to simultaneously build muscle and burn fat. This non-surgical, no downtime, FDA-approved procedure sculpts and defines select muscle regions, creating tighter abs and firmer buttocks. The results are dramatic. On the abdominal wall, the treatment improves muscle definition that you are already seeing from your fitness routine and addresses that stubborn inch of fat on your stomach that just won’t go away. And on the buttocks, EMSCULPT technology delivers the world’s first non-invasive butt lift procedure, giving you the curvature, tone, and lift that squats alone can’t achieve.

The non-invasive HIFEM® procedure induces powerful muscle contractions not achievable through voluntary contractions. When exposed to strong contractions, the muscle tissue is forced to adapt to such an extreme condition. It responds with a deep remodeling of its inner structure that results in muscle building and sculpting your body.

Who is a good candidate?

EMSCULPT is the ideal treatment for both men and women who live a healthy lifestyle but desire a more defined abdomen, a stronger core, a reduction in lower belly pouch, or a fuller, rounder butt. The revolutionary treatment gives patients real muscle definition and thins out the layer of fat above, allowing patients to achieve fitness goals that remain out of reach. EMSCULPT is also an effective treatment for post-partum diastasis recti. Patients who are pregnant, have had hernia mesh repair, have metal hardware in the treatment area, or metal IUDs should not be treated.

Body Contouring

Losing weight is something a lot of men and women struggle with throughout America. And while a healthy lifestyle that includes eating a balanced diet and taking time to hit the gym is key, the EMSCULPT can certainly help on the journey. After the suggested four initial treatments, most patients see an average of 19% reduction in fat and 16% increase in muscle. The EMSCULPT will help contour your body to help you reach your goals.

Specialized Golf Program

Having a strong core increases the golfer’s ability to rotate faster to produce more clubhead speed with more stability. The results are more consistent and centered strikes and added distance. Additionally, strengthening these muscles will prevent injuries, specifically those involving your spine. Forever Wellness offers a SPECIALIZED GOLF PROGRAM that is designed to improve the serious golfer’s performance. Included in the package is video swing analysis by Atticus Bellen, a Class A PGA Professional that has worked at Augusta National Golf Club; Whistling Straits; Medinah Country Club, and Old Marsh Golf Club, and has worked with some of the industries most successful teaching professionals.

Fitness Lovers

There are some of us that just naturally love a gym session, to feel the sweat dripping down our brow, and to get that endorphin high we love. We go to the gym nearly every day, challenging ourselves each day to be a little better each time. For some, we aim to attain those picture-perfect abs with minimal fat and perfect definition. But genetics can sometimes get the best of us and we just can’t close in on that last 5%. EMSCULPT can amplify your fitness program and help reach your definition goals.

Mommy Makeover

When you are pregnant the belly expands, the abdominals stretch and the back muscles shorten. The connective tissue thins and separates and the pelvic floor weakens due to the weight of your baby. So whether you gave birth eight weeks or eight years ago, you need to strengthen your core after giving birth. Doing so will help you regain strength and muscle tone, and help avoid abdominal pressure, and pain/weakness that can occur even years after giving birth.

What does an EMSCULPT treatment feel like?

The EMSCULPT treatment is painless. Most patients say it feels like an intense workout, except you are laying down and relaxing during the treatment. During the session, electromagnetic energy stimulates muscle contractions, destroying fat cells and promoting muscle development in the process. Unlike other fat reduction techniques, EMSCULPT employs an electromagnetic field technology that targets precise areas to tone select muscle groups and rid the body of unwanted fat.

When will I see results?

You will begin to feel tangible results right after the treatment. Positive results are usually reported two to four weeks after the last session and continue to improve for the next few months following the treatments.

How many treatments will I need?

You will need 2 EMSCULPT treatments for 2 weeks for a total of 4 treatments. The treatment time is about 30 minutes for the abdominal area and/or 30 minutes for the buttocks. There is no harm in maintenance sessions after the initial treatments as desired, because of the easy non-invasive nature of EMSCULPT.

What is the downtime?

EMSCULPT is a no-downtime procedure giving you the freedom to return to your daily activities immediately post-treatment. After the treatment, you may be a little sore for 24-48 hours, similar to the soreness after an intense workout.

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